10 Reasons Hiking Is Good For Your Soul And Why You Should Start Hiking Today!

Regular nature hikes strengthen our heart, lungs, and muscles, as well as our mind. So, the next time you reach the top of a hill at the end of a dirt path, pause to admire the view and appreciate all you’re doing for your health and happiness. According to a study, hiking can even help the patients fight the deadliest of diseases like colon, breast, lung, and endometrial cancers. International Journal of Sports Medicine measured the antioxidants levels in the breast cancer patients, before and after hiking.

By going trek, we also know our strength and what truly we are seeking for. Trekking helps us to understand ourselves and give chance to evolve ourselves. Weight loss –Climbing, dodging around bouldersand lights runs and sprints is common while on trekking tours. These physical activities eventually help shed unwanted fat and water weight.

Hiking with a partner, or even in a group, can improve the strength and health of your relationships. Whether it’s with a younger sibling, neighborhood friend, or even a grandparent, hiking a trail together can bring you closer and help build a healthy relationship. Brooding repeatedly over negative thoughts about the self can lead to depression, anxiety, and other debilitating mental trekking in Pakistan health issues. There is good news to report though in this recent study on whether spending time in nature affects rumination. Hiking provides an element of cross-training because it is both a cardio activity and strength trainer all at once. Add in the fact that hiking can help increase your balance and stability as you navigate various types of terrain, all while burning calories.

This helps improve the circulatory & respiratory system health, thereby reducing the probability of heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular pains & respiratory disorders. In addition, the more you breathe fresh air the more active your lungs become, more blood the heart pumps, and healthier it all turns. Fixing the stick on the ground and pushing your body against it to move further, works on your upper body muscles and heart. The results of the participants’ baseline measures (pre-test) and their measures after 12 weeks in the trekking program (post-test) are presented in Table 2. The exercise group improved their body weight, BMI, fat %, blood pressure, muscle endurance, balance, and flexibility. Body weight and systolic blood pressure were significantly different between the two groups and pre and post-test measures.

This leads your body to fat loss and increases the testosterone hormones. Next, the more you walk heart has to pump the blood harder to maintain the oxygen level which leads to the cleanliness of blood. Hikers around the world know that walking in nature is not only good for physical health, but for mental health as well.

The decline of muscle strength in the lower limbs is the first loss of strength to appear with aging , and the decline in functional capacity is the main health issue of the elderly population. Hence, walking is a very effective and recommended exercise for this population. In this study, muscle endurance was significantly improved in the trekker group. Although the improvements seen in muscle strength, balance, and flexibility were not significant, the results indicate that trekking can provide beneficial health effects. If you’re looking to add some excitement to your exercise routine, going on a trek should be on your radar, especially if you already hike. Check out this article on the lifelong health and mental benefits of hiking for further inspiration.

Trekking takes you away from the polluted cities and gives you a moment to gather freshness of the air. Trekking involves excessive motor activities leading to more oxygen intake, cleansing blood, and increased pumping of blood in the body, thus improving heart efficiency. This adds to the reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure, thus stating the importance of trekking. The uneven terrain and the odd boulder provide you a proper all-body workout that will reach all your muscles. Carrying the heavier weight will also make your back and core stronger.

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