Bragging Rights on Beautiful Pewter Jewelry – I Know I Gotta Clean This Stuff – But How?

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Bragging Rights on Beautiful Pewter Jewelry – I Know I Gotta Clean This Stuff – But How?

Tin, this soft metal, which looks like silver, is an excellent material for making jewelry such as clasps, bolo bags, pins, earrings … and like any good metal, can be “dirty” … dirty, dirty, even with stains of the usual daily use. Eventually this brilliant brilliance becomes dim… and it’s time to liven yourself up and remember why you liked him at all…

Modern Pewter is a simple procedure for grooming using one of the following three progressively aggressive methods. Practical rule: use the least aggressive method needed to achieve good results, and do not leave water on the jar longer than necessary – immediately wipe with a soft cloth.

Method 1. Plain soft soap and water (dishwashing detergent) plus an old soft toothbrush that you throw away. Don’t forget to handle your toothbrush as aggressively as you need to clean those crevices and lines of detail… Warning! … Bristles can be used as scissors on enamelled/painted surfaces, so avoid them!! It is best to use a soft sponge or rag, so as not to scratch the surface. Rinse and dry with a brush … Inspect. If necessary go to …

Method 2: Make your own cleaner for boxes on the following recipe…

  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 cup pure white vinegar (cheap thing)

About 1/2 cup of flour, but enough to make a thick dough.

Apply the resulting paste to the entire box, again avoiding the stained/enamelled areas (if any), and again gently use the toothbrush to help with any cracks and lines of detail. 2nd warning!! The flour in this recipe acts as rubbing and can seriously damage the finish if used too aggressively. Now rinse with warm soapy water, then plain water and polish again and immediately inspect. If you need more …

Method 3: Spend some money and buy a commercial chemical compound (home equipment/center, Internet). 3rd warning!! Make sure that the tin on the label is referred to as one of the materials for which it is intended. It is impossible to overestimate!! If your jewelry has paint, enamel or other accessories, make sure the product does not affect them. No guarantee applies to such damage … and it’s obvious to any trained person. Follow the instructions on the label and check.

Somewhere in the process your eyes should look at the pristine beauty that is an integral part of the beauty of your box. A little care, periodic cleaning and, over time, tin decoration can be called a family heirloom.

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