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Make Your Own Dog Jewelry

We live in a country where we can treat our dogs as a family – give them Christmas gifts (and receive them from them), carry them everywhere, dress up, treat them with gourmet food, etc. What about us? Dog jewelry is a fun way to show our love for dogs. You can find many types […]


Life-Saving Knife Scenarios

Incidents in real life where people save their lives with knives are probably more common than we think, but they are not always widely covered in the media. Below are a few stories of people who saved their lives with different types of knives (in some cases the sources of these stories are unknown because […]


Ghost and the Darkness

Introduction to culture: in traditional Hindu culture, cremation means That friends and relatives barefoot (as a mark of respect) carry their dead on the cradle to the crematorium. I was mischievously looked at by a pair of menacing pale yellow glass eyes with dark vertical cuts. With his ears tucked back, his tongue stuck out […]


Survival Knife: Machetes

Machete is an extremely effective means of survival. It combines the cutting power of an axe with the grace of a knife. There are many types of machetes designed for different tasks. Here are some of the main types and use of them: Hukuri (a.g. kukri)Kukri, more like a large knife than a machete, was […]


The BOLO List and Process Mapping

When the Six Sigma project is launched, you need to know what processes are being performed and what people are being implemented, what their efforts are, what customer feedback is about them, both inside and outside. This helps to optimize actions that can be useful for reducing cycle time and reducing the number of failures […]


The Necktie Named Bolo

In the U.S. states, it is customary to adopt certain trees, animals, bowls and even clothing to identify with them. Minnesota has an official state fish such as zander. In addition, they have an official state bird diver and even the official state flower “Pink Lady Shoe.” Did you know that the state has an […]

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