How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Location?

Perhaps everyone is aware that no matter where you go, Google goes too. And how is this so?

Well, Google Maps specifically track each and every step you take. The Google Maps app is installed on your smartphone, and you do bring it everywhere you go, hence how it tracks your movements.

Google Maps then archive your locations into Google Timeline. It may seem just like a walk down memory lane, but this has the ability to leave your personal and private information open to potential threats.

Through Google Timeline, Google Maps can show you where you have been and where you’re going. As a matter of fact, there may also be photographic evidence to prove this. Sync Google Timeline syncs with any photos uploaded to your Google Photos, so it can be used as evidence.

Moreover, it’s also possible to share your real-time location with anyone using Android or iOS, as long as you’re connected to a reliable internet connection, such as Rise Broadband internet. But, are you looking for some way to have Google stop tracking your location?

If you prefer to not reveal your whereabouts, but also don’t want to ditch Google entirely, here’s how you can remove your location history and have Google stop following you.

Disable Location Tracking

The first thing you need to do is go to the My Activity dashboard. This is where Google not only views, but also controls your app and web activity, YouTube history signed in from the specific Google account, and location history.

On this page, you can disable Google’s location tracking option. Now, if you’re doing this on your smartphone, you’ll need to select the data and privacy tab, and then click on Location History.

On the other hand, if you’re doing this on your desktop, simply select Location History, and then turn off the tracking options, and click pause when the pop-up message comes. You should have successfully disabled your Location History.

If you, however, only want to remove certain devices from being tracked through your Google account, you’ll need to choose devices on your account, and simply disconnect those that you’d rather not have tracked.

If for some reason, all of this sounds way too complicated, Google allows you to choose for how long you’re willing to let them track your data before it deletes your data automatically. You can choose an Auto-Delete option to make it all easier.

Delete Your Data from Google Timeline

Did you know that you can manually delete data from Google Timeline? While you’re on the activity dashboard, you’ll need to select manage history from your location history page. Or, you could also open the hamburger menu on your Google Maps and choose your Timeline from the menu itself.

There’s no better place to start other than the data filter. This lets you narrow down the results by day, month, and year. Google will then show you trips that fall into your choice of range. For instance, if you choose a particular day, it will simply open that day on the map and show you where you were at.

Then, you can select the trash can icon to have the entire day deleted. In fact, you can also open the three-dot menu and select Remove spots from that day and delete it completely from your history.

Furthermore, you can always delete all your location history by clicking on the trash can icon. If there’s a particular location that you want to delete from all your visits, then you’ll need to switch to mobile. On your mobile, you can click on your profile icon to choose Your timeline.

You should see a few options, but you’ll need to choose the Places options, and view all the visited places. From there, you can search for the places you want to delete, and delete them from the three-dot menu. You need to ensure you’re using a high-speed internet type, such as fiber internet to do this without interruptions.

Surf the Internet Privately

If you have reservations or are simply hesitant about fiddling with your location settings, but still want Google to stop tracking you, going into Incognito mode is the best choice. All you have to do is select your profile icon in the Google Maps app and enable the Incognito mode.

This will stop Google Maps from keeping your location history, search history, and sharing location data. Moreover, it will further prevent the app from personalizing Google Maps based on your saved data.

However, this does not prevent other Google services from knowing where you’ve been browsing. Once you’re done browsing, you can turn off the Incognito mode and return to your normal browsing.

Consider Using VPN

If you’re wondering why there is so much work in disabling your location tracking, then it’s because Google doesn’t like it when you choose to disable your location data. Google makes a good amount of money through your data, and tracking your location is another way it personalizes the ads you come across while browsing the internet. 

Even if you do follow all the necessary steps you need to take to turn off location tracking, Google still refuses to allow you to shut it out entirely. That said, if you want to stop anyone or Google in particular from tracking your location, you might want to consider using a VPN instead.

This will allow you to keep both your browsing activities and data private, even from Google itself. There are many VPN options out there. Some are free of cost, while others require a monthly fee.

However, VPNs that aren’t free, offer you better connectivity and also show zero ads, in comparison to those that are free. But, if it’s your first time using a VPN, perhaps you can choose a free one to see how you feel about it before deciding to buy a really expensive one.

All in All

A lot of people still think that there’s no way to stop Google from tracking your location. On the contrary, we just shared how this can be done. There’s no doubt that everything comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but many people prefer to have their online and physical information kept safe.

Moreover, internet tracking is another way marketers buy your data, and then show you personalized ads and e-commerce websites. If you ever wondered how this is done, well, it’s done by tracking your online activities.

In fact, so many of us want to keep our online browsing data private, due to all kinds of personal reasons. Therefore, if you’re uncomfortable with your location tracker, you should try the above-mentioned ways on how to disable location tracking, for good.

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