Imei Vs Meid What Is The Difference??

You may not be able to trust this number even if you could find the field you entered. Blocking an IMEI number thus prevents theft? Yes, since the person who steals the phone cannot use it; and no, because it doesn’t prevent them from selling the phone to someone else worthless. Your provider uses the IMEI number to register your phone on your network. This usually happens in the store so you don’t know what’s going on.

Some devices display the IMEI number in the SIM compartment. You can see the IMEI numbers in the SIM compartment of any iPhone generation from 6s to iPhone 12 without SE . Older phones with interchangeable batteries can also contain IMEI under the battery or above the SIM slot

IMEI is a number code that is made available to every mobile phone. Service providers use this number to clearly identify valid devices. IMEI is also part of the management of mobile devices.

The verification number is displayed on the packaging to avoid incorrect recording of IMEI, but is not part of the documented IMEI A standard IMEI number is a 14-digit string with an additional fifteenth verification digit to check the entire string. There is also a 16-digit variant that contains information about the software version of the device, which is referred to as IMEISV

This data is sometimes even sold to third parties so that they can use it in their databases. Now that you have your IMEI, what is meid you want to do something with it, right?? There are many websites where you can enter your phone’s IMEI number, e.g.

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