Make Your Own Dog Jewelry

We live in a country where we can treat our dogs as a family – give them Christmas gifts (and receive them from them), carry them everywhere, dress up, treat them with gourmet food, etc. What about us?

Dog jewelry is a fun way to show our love for dogs. You can find many types of jewelry for dogs, but why not make them yourself? Making jewelry for dogs is a fascinating craft for children or an excellent art project for adults. Make decorations for dogs that look like your pet, or make jewelry as a gift!

Here are some ideas for making jewelry for dogs:

Srinki-Dink. If you’ve never used a shrink tube before, now is the time! Be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging … Basically, however, you can paint the shrink wrap (the size of a standard sheet of paper) – cut the dog shape, paint it, and then pierce the hole in the oven. (follow the instructions on the packaging again!) In the oven, the shrink film is compressed, leaving beautiful and detailed charms. You can add these pendants to the pendant bracelet, make earrings out of them or make a necklace (for this you need to make a hole in them before baking!)

Dog earrings with a bottle lid. Take some of your dog’s favorite photos and cut the pieces so they fit on the bottom of the bottle lid. Insert a photo of Mod Podge (sticky substance), then cover the photo several times again Mod Podge. You can glue the back of these earrings with hot glue.

Bolo’s dog tie. Take a clip for a tie-ball (it’s probably available to buy at your local craft store or beads; if not, try contacting a Western clothing store). Find a round smooth piece of lumber (the easiest way to find it is at your local needlework store). Use a tree-burning kit to make a beautiful dog or dog bone, or draw and seal a dog on it. Stick the clasp to the back. You can use the leather cord as a bolo cord.

A pearl dog. To do this, you need to go to the bead shop. Take a little wire (preferably sterling silver, a minimum of 22 caliber) and look for a variety of round beads. As a torso, choose a large round bead. Pass through the hole 3 segments of the yarn – until you save them for a long time. The three ends of the yarn in front are two front paws and a head, the ends of the yarn at the back are the hind legs and the tail. For the tail, use a lot of small beads and twist the yarn into a tangle at the end to hold them. Small beads allow your dog’s tail to bend at will. Use at least two medium-sized beads for the legs. For the head, use small beads for the neck and medium size for the head. You can draw eyes and mouth on your head.

These are just a few ideas about what you can do to make decorations for dogs with your own hands. Be creative. Take a look and see what you can use. Enjoy!

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