Survival Knife: Machetes

Machete is an extremely effective means of survival. It combines the cutting power of an axe with the grace of a knife. There are many types of machetes designed for different tasks. Here are some of the main types and use of them:

  1. Hukuri (a.g. kukri)
    Kukri, more like a large knife than a machete, was made by Nepal’s Gurkhas, carried by their army and used by their men as a common tool and weapon. Kukri does a great job. The wide and heavy end provides a cutting force close to the strength of the axe, and the sharp inner bend gives excellent control when performing smaller tasks.
  2. Bolo
    The bolo-machete is produced in South America and is used in the Philippines, Indonesia and Cuba. Bolo is a heavy-duty tool used to clean bushes and cut lightly in the field.
  1. Parang (a.g. Golk)
    The parang machete is my favorite. It was developed in conjunction with the British Army. He holds the edges perfectly and feels great. When you hold it, it seems like it’s part of your hand.
  2. Panga
    Panga-machete originates from Africa, where it has been used in many conflicts. The weight of the pang, paranga, bolo and kukri is concentrated on the tip of the blade, which provides a great cutting ability. Panga can be used effectively for cutting a light undergrowth.
  3. Heavy
    Heavy machetes – the heaviest in our range, with the force of cutting higher than the axe, heavy machetes can seriously damage hardwood.

Survival apps
Machetes have countless uses for survival, from clearing bushes and cutting firewood, cutting game to pieces and even for protection if this ever happens. One of them I keep in a garbage bag next to the axe to meet all the need for cutting. They can be used for almost anything.

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