The Best Choices For Backyard Games This Summer

When you’re having a backyard barbecue, it’s always helpful to have multiple playgrounds to entertain your guests. Games not only slightly spoil the mood, but also add competition to you and your guests. Fortunately, there are a lot of great board games, and they’re all described below.

Cornhole (also known as Corn Toss or Bag-o): Cornhole is a four-way game in which corn bags are thrown onto sloping wooden boards with a hole in the middle. Points are awarded if you put packages on a board or in a hole. Overall Cornhole is actually very similar to the fore, but safer because metal is not used.

Ladderball (also known as Testicle Toss or Bolo Toss): This game consists of a PVC ladder built in the form of a three-step ladder. Players throw bolo, two golf balls, connected by a rope, in the stairs and score points when the bolo twists and stays on the stairs. Usually the game is designed for two players, but it can be adapted for groups of different sizes.

Bocce Ball: A popular backyard game that originated in Italy, Bocce Ball includes two teams that try to throw their team’s balls as close as possible to the small white ball that serves as the goal. Petanque is traditionally played two for two, but it can be adapted for eight players, because for the match throws eight goals.

Washing machines: A newer creature, washing machines are like a corn pit, but are aimed at a smaller wooden box, and players throw large metal or plastic rings instead of corn bags.

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