Basic Gardening Tools and Equipment You’ll Need

Before you start gardening, it is important to arm yourself with the necessary tools and equipment in your nursery. These tools and equipment should be available at any time to make gardening easy and convenient.

You can work quietly and efficiently if you have all the necessary tools and equipment in the nursery. You don’t have to worry about where to borrow, because in this case you will always have a full set at hand.

You don’t need much to start collecting tools and equipment. You can visit several farm shops for garden tools and inexpensively buy those that are not so expensive, especially during garage sales. As a gardener, you should follow the slogan “Use the right tools for the right job” to succeed in your gardening.

Some basic tools and equipment

Spades – A shovel with a round tip is best for digging, especially for planting small trees and shrubs.

Garden hoe – Garden hoe is useful for weeding and processing areas of soil so that nutrients and water can penetrate deeper into the root of the plant.

Onion rakes – Purchase good, sturdy onion rakes with short prongs on one side attached to a metal frame or “onion.” This tool is necessary to align the soil before planting or to remove large lumps of earth or stones from the ground.

For digging- For digging for digging, they are necessary for opening and improving the soil. It looks like a fork, but has a shorter rod and wider prongs. It is used to dig solid soil and break into the ground.

Boring Bolo – This tool is common in the Philippines, its use is similar to the garden used for weeding and cultivation.

Pointed bologna – Pointy bologna is used to mow some herbs and small branches or generally to clear before processing the soil.

Garden scissors – choose garden scissors, for which it is convenient to keep. Scissors, also called mowers, are used to prune, shape and remove foliage or branches.

Garden hose – you need a hose to water your garden. Depending on the amount of water water water, the sprinkler can also be a good addition to the list of watering garden tools.

The sprinkler is necessary for watering plants. Long jets very carefully release water and are convenient for overcoming long distances. Choose a watering can with a removable spray head – this type of watering can is ideal for watering young plants.

Hand sprayer – A hand sprayer is useful for spraying small insects that can be easily controlled if they attack small insects in the garden.

The shovel – looks like a shovel, but has a square end that is used to dig and create straight fields and beds.

Carts and wheelbarrows – are needed to transport the garden equipment and equipment that you use in the yard. Other use of trolleys and wheelbarrows involves collecting and removing solid vegetables from the yard, as well as removing dirt and pruning grass from the yard. Garden secateur – If you want to shape and trim longer plants, use the garden tool “Secator”. Secateurs come in two styles. One is a style of bypass, and the other – an anvil. Choose a few types to see which style is best for you. Secateurs with interchangeable blades and sharp parts help to extend the life of these garden tools.

Master – Master is also used for weeding and cultivation. Choose one that has a steel blade to last longer. There are different types of pens to choose from. You can choose those that are equipped with rubber overlays that facilitate their capture during use, and there are those that are designed to remove the load from your wrist while using.

There are still some equipment that can be purchased from a horticultural company, but the listed tools and equipment are basic ones that you should purchase. If you already have the biggest capital, a cultivator or Roto tractor is also important to your garden. And while content with the basic tools and equipment in your garden, you can already start gardening. Good gardening!

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