Cardio Boxing Builds Muscle & Flexibility

This is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness without any of the boredom typical of day-to-day routines. The workouts are intense and require a great deal โปรแกรมมวย of focus which gets you exercising without looking at the clock hoping for quitting time. This program will have you so focused you won’t have any sense of time and most of the athletes claim they are disappointed when its time to stop.

There are many cardio boxing programs out there however, only a few of them offer any proximity of the real deal. Some of the more popular ones cater to the type who wear leotards and smile while doing their workouts. But, if you’re looking for that special boxer physique then, you need to put a little snarling into your routine.

There is one program that follows the same workout that is used by world champion boxers. Developed by recognized boxing trainer Brandon Jones…. called the Mitts Conditioning Program. His curriculum does away with all the hype and gets right down to business. It takes you through three 21 day workout levels along with some very intense boxing routines that are specially designed to build on muscle, endurance and confidence. A concentrated program that focuses on a unique blend of cardiovascular and muscle building to achieve a real boxer’s body.

Results will vary based on each individual however, with the right amount of commitment and determination, the results will simply be the best you and your body can achieve. You will not only look so much better but, you will also be physically stronger, much faster and incredibly agile. As with any exercise program, consistency is key however, in the case of this form of exercising there is an even greater expectation for a higher level of commitment.

The cardiovascular workout consist of variable heart rate work along with a very deep commitment to endure intensive workouts. You can also determine the intensity of your workout by taking your heart rate and measuring it against the expected ranges that fall between 50% to 70% of your particular maximum heart rate. The general practice in determining your particular maximum rate is to subtract your age from 220 and multiply the results by.5 and then by.7 to get both your high and low end heart rates. Following this formula can be instrumental in maintaining the intensity in your exercise program that helps you obtain your true potential.

In addition to all the cardiovascular benefits, what makes boxing workouts so effective in building muscle is in how it builds on a great number of muscle groups. The muscle groups include biceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, gastronomies and soleus muscles. Additionally, boxing workouts include the abdominal muscles, internal and external oblique muscle groups, the Pectorals muscle groups and the Latissimus muscle groups. The Mitts Cons program is particularly designed to focus on all these muscle groups to effectively achieve the optimum level of muscle building and agility. This is what gives boxers their extraordinary lean and muscular physiques.

This boxing workout program is not for everyone. However, it is for anyone who is up to the challenge to train like a professional boxer. It can be a very intense program and, even though it comes in 3 different levels of difficulty and sophistication, it still requires a certain character. A character that follows through to the end with a committed determination for consistency and completion.. In effect, you will be physically much stronger and more flexible. By completing this course, you will very likely be an entirely different person that looks great with a confidence level you never had before.

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