Essential Safety And Defensive Driving Tips For Truck Drivers

As vigilant as a driver is, trucks have significant blind spots. In addition to signaling road signs on highways and highways, truck drivers should also be careful when driving at school and work areas. Unfortunately, many truck drivers ignore this life-saving step and embark on a long-distance journey, unaware of the potential dangers they pose for other vehicles. Although passenger cars are to blame for nearly 85 percent of passenger and truck vehicle accidents, it seems that commercial drivers are most to blame. That is why it is important that each fleet builds an extensive safety program that uses both the latest technology and data to keep drivers safe. An important part of building a safety culture is encouraging and rewarding drivers who embody good driving habits and practices.

The Federal Coach Safety Administration has identified distracted driving as the leading cause of accidents for truck drivers. Derived driving is everything through which a driver takes his eyes off the road or his hands off the wheel. Distractions can range from lunch while driving to going out the window and looking at a billboard. But the most common way to drive in a distracted way is to use mobile phones, especially to send text messages while driving.

First determine whether a lane change is really necessary or whether the set speed is safer. Make sure the mirrors are configured and use “Take 10” for lane Truck Dealership changes . Make sure you stay informed of the weather, road conditions, traffic patterns, construction, low bridges and regulations that differ per state.

Increase your braking distance so that the time to respond to vehicles is for you in bad weather or bad weather on the road. Under such conditions, allow ten times the normal braking distance. Remember that trucks need more time to stop than cars.

For example, a 60 mph truck must maintain a six-second damper under DOT recommendations Both government agencies and truck companies have taken various measures to prevent death and injury in the industry. Commercial drivers must follow these rules and use defensive driving techniques to ensure road safety. Truck driver safety is very important for AMAROK personnel. By turning to the right, truck drivers move away from the sidewalk to safely perform the maneuver.

They also ensure that drivers and shippers can safely load and unload freight without slipping off the truck. We have lowered key daily safety messages to help truck drivers promote good driving habits and increase safety on our roads. Here are some critical yet simple safety tips to implement below for the professional truck driver. In the summer, roads are busier with families going on holiday. This poses even more danger to truck drivers than usual. Here are some safety tips for driving for commercial drivers to overcome the heat and stay safe while driving in the summer.

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